Frequently asked questions

Q: I do not speak Norwegian; can I join your club?

A: Yes, we are a multinational club; most communication is done in English to cater for all the nationalities.


Q: I would like to try rugby; can I join your team?

A: Yes, get in touch with a coach/manager and join one of our trainings


Q: I'm a player/coach living abroad, but would like to move to Norway, can you help me out with work and accommodation?

A: ORK is an amateur club and no-one is paid. We can help out with our contact network, but it is advised to try to organise this before you get here.


Q: I have a son/daughter that wants to try rugby, what age groups do you have?

A: Rugby is a minority sport in Norway, we strive to make rugby available for everyone and juniors of different age groups therefore train together.


Q: How and when do I pay my membership fee?

A: See full description under "medlemskap".



Q: Is insurance included in the membership fee?


A: No, but it is included in the license every active player has to pay to the NRF (Norwegian rugby federation), see "medlemskap" for more information.


Q: What equipment do I need?

A: Rugby boots (football boots), shorts, t-shirt and a mouth guard


Q: Is it expensive to play rugby?

A: Equipment is reasonably priced, travel to games and tournaments is paid by the players, although the club tries to cover some costs.






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